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Check our newspage for discounts, promotions and more information about the Multi Jungle Card and LoL Aalsmeer Stamp Card. In our calendar you can see what additional activities are taking place in the play jungle!

Opening hours

Whole yearMonday till Sunday09.30 am - 19.00 pm
No toddlermornings during holidays10.45-11.15 uur alleen voor Chimpie peutersnvt tijdens vakanties
ZOMERVAK. 14.07-02.09ma t/m zo (tenzij + 25 buitentemp. zie facebook)09.30 - 19.00 uur
Custom Opening hours
Toddler Jump XL : free every Monday , Tuesday and Thursday from 10.45 to 11.15 pm only for Chimpie visitors
  • Free toddler jump in the Jump XL arena of 10:45 to 11:15 am!
  • No Toddler Jump during school and public holidays.
  • Met een buitentemp boven 25 graden en geen bezoekers en/of reserveringen kan het zijn dat wij eerder sluiten. Voor laatste update zie facebook


Adults*free of charge * max 10 adults free of charge per group of kids
Children 6 monthe till 1 year of age€ 3.50
Children 1 till 12 years of age€ 8.50, weekends € 8.95
Youngsters (13 till 18)€ 5.00
Personal year subscription for children€ 85.00 per year
FREE Toddler Jump 10.45 - 11.15 hours for Chimpie visitorsmonday tuesday and thursday NOT during holidays
Stamp Card LoL Aalsmeer; collect 9 stamps and you get one free entrancefree
  • 2 activiteiten € 15.50 - 3 activiteiten € 19.75 p.p. mits aangeschaft bij entree van eerste activiteit, anders geldt de 15% kortingsregeling
  • Free parking at our parking area